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What is a digital catalog?
Before we start let us first understand what is a digital catalog? A digital catalog is basically an electronic page displayed on system, kiosk, mobile app VR and so on. All the company products, their specifications, types, services, etc can be shown. They are a digital representation of the complete portfolio of a company. A graphical interface that displays the products, services, facilities and more. Digital catalogs can store great quantities of items, which can be organized and classified into different categories for users to search in a more rapid and effective way. A catalog serves the purpose of displaying the products and making purchases as well. A digital catalog is cost-effective, easily accessible, efficient.
How does Virtubox help?
Virtubox provides an easy and viable platform to enterprises where they can build their own catalog. It’s a very cost-effective, efficient and handy solution. Any person can create a catalog for their company and start sharing the catalog. It provides features like navigation and form which make it suitable for any kind of enterprise, malls, colleges, hospitals, exhibitions. The best part of Virtubox is the system provides an app, kiosk, and website.
What are the requirements?
As long as the objective and needs of the user are fulfilled the system supports all kinds of users. The user needs categories and products with images. As long as the user has got these he/ she can very easily create a catalog for use.
What is step by step process?
Virtubox provides a smooth process where a user can create a catalog. As a catalog administrator, you need to follow these simple steps and a basic catalog will be ready and function