VirtuBox Support

How to set a customised map pin inactive icon?

All the points or places are marked on the map. When the map is in idle mode the points are inactive. These points can be customised.

● Log in to your account
● Select the Kiosk option from the main menu
(The main menu is on the left-hand side of the screen)
● Select the Kiosk Assets icon in the sub menu section
● In the kiosk assets page upload the image you want as map pin inactive icon
Note: 1. If you get an error message, the Navigation feature is disabled from your subscription. Please contact your service provider to review your subscription
2. The Map pin works for interactive maps. To Make the map interactive refer 'How to make Navigation interactive?”

● Map the app on your Kiosk
● Tap on the Navigation icon
● when the map is idle and no point is selected the customised inactive icon is displayed on screen